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The History of the Team

Duthain Dealbh is made up of the two Irish sculptors Daniel Doyle and Niall Magee both graduates of Fine Art Sculpture, DIT, Dublin, Ireland. For over 15 years now we have been participating in Sand, Snow, Ice & Fire sculpture festivals and symposiums all over the world from Siberia to Singapore, Canada to China and everywhere in between.

Duthain Dealbh, meaning Fleeting Sculpture in Gaelic and pronounced [du-hawn dah-liv], was formed officially in 2001 to facilitate the production of large scale sculpture projects and Documentary & film making. We specialize in the ephemeral sculpture materials of ; Sand, Snow, Ice, Fire and also the production of art based documentaries and films.

The origins of our involvement in this area stemmed from in an invitation to participate in an international Sand Sculpture event which arrived at the university for Fergus Mulvaney, back in 1993. After this introduction more invitations came which allowed the the members of Duthain Dealbh, Niall Magee and Daniel Doyle to be introduced to the various ephemeral media.

Over the last number of years Duthain Dealbh has also branched into Ice sculpting, participating successfully in many competitions and festivals around the world.

Our first Film/Documentary Production, "Cool Carvings" was extremely well received and had its first airing on TG4 in 2003, and also received great praise when it was screened at the Izmir International Film Festival in Turkey in 2004.

We hold an archive of older photos here on our website duthain-dealbh.com with newer work uploaded on our FaceBook page: Irish Sand Sculpture

Last updated: July 2014


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