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Where: Denmark, Roskilde

When: 2003

Title: Three Norns

Description: The Three Norns
‘In Asgaard, between the roots of Yggdrassil (The tree of Life), Lives the three Norns, Urd, Verdande and Skuld, goddesses of the past, present and future.
They rule over the destiny of all life. They protect the tree and are always busy, spinning the life thread of every human being. Like all threads they don’t always become straight, in one place it is smooth, others thin and delicate and in some places with knots. So is the life of a human. It can be loose or hard and nobody knows when your life thread will be cut.’

This is the passage that Inspired Daniel to create this sculpture. The three objects each representing a Norn are of different textures and support a spiders web like structure, this web has at its centre a sphere that symbolises life.

‘The web was a big challenge, one false move and the whole thing would be irreparable. The sculpture was my first complete sculpture, I finished early and could not think of anything to add that would improve on the idea.’ Daniel


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