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Where: Germany, Oberhausen

When: 2005

Title: The Annunciation

Description: It was quite difficult to get permission to do this piece in this was. Niall and Daniel wanted to create the Annunciation with the angle and Mary using different approaches than had been seen before. The Angle Gabriel was to be carved in negative relief and viewed from the other side of the ice, giving the effect that he was floating in the air. The organisers were unsure if it could be made work but, the finished piece spoke for itself.” Crating a figure in ice is quite difficult in the normal way” say Daniel “To carve it negative and reverse is much more so. I would come down from the scaffold and view the piece from the front. Try to remember five things that had to be resolved, reverse its direction in my head from left to right and from in to out then go back up and make the changes. It was like a game of mental twister but, a great challenge and I am very happy with the result.”


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