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Where: Ireland, Dublin Castle

When: 2002

Title: Apathy Main

Description: This was the first year we carved in Dublin castle. We received a grant from Dublin city council but, as this would not cover the costs of what we wanted to do we put some of our own money towards the project. The idea and the design of the piece evolved simultaneously as we carved it but resulted in a remark about an element of apathy evident in present-day Ireland. It depicts four figures, all of different ages and carved in different styles arranged with their backs against a triple arch structure which is held together by a screw. They all depend on the structure for support but ignore the developing rot at its core for it is not their immediate problem. The project was a major success with lots of media coverage and many Irish people came to the castle for the first time. These things prompted the castle to cover our financial input and since then they have been our biggest supporter.


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